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From day-one you will start saving time and cost using TAILLOG. The system is developed with one goal in mind: To implify the daily flight routine in order to release resources both in air and on ground.
TAILLOG is a contemporary, flexible and scalable solution that matches the requirements of a dynamic aviation organisation. Whatever size and stage of development.
Maybe that’s why TAILLOG already is present in 30 countries around the world.

Easy to implement, use and maintain!

Keeping your data in the cloud

Data Access

Close the electronic gap between pre- and post-flight, and see how
easily you can convert your workflow to become all digital.

The combination of cloud storage, wide interface options and the
intuitive and user-friendly workflow makes TAILLOG a very cost-efficient and effective EFB solution.

Appreciated by pilots for its functional structure and simple user-interface, and by executives for the simplicity in both system and management.

Full focus on data quality and safety

Ease the daily flight operations

Crucial features

Digital OFP and
Briefing Package

The pilots can manage the full flight briefing package directly fecthed from the flight planning system, with easy access to all the applicable flight data, like OFP/PLOG, NOTAMs, weather charts, METAR/TAF, ATIS, flight documents and performance reports.

Weight & Balance

The embedded Weight & Balance module is fully integrated with the fecthed flight plan. All planned flight data are automatically pre-entered, making it very easy to maintain your CG entries and LMC, and electronic Load Manifest.
The system supports multiple CG envelopes and all the required aircraft configurations.

Applied Checklists and Report Forms

With the embedded pilot checklist options, you can easliy compose both standard checklists and short report forms. The checklists forms can be associated to specific aircraft and type of flighs like ETOPS, LRC, and RCF - and will only appear for that aircraft/flight type. All reported data will of course be collected and synced with the flight progress reporting.

Flight Progress

During flight, the system monitors the flight progress and interacts with the pilot for position logging, fuel reporting, RVSM checks, and more. The flight progress can be automatically executed via GPS and will report all flight activities including block times, flight times and waypoint progress.

Unplanned rerouting during flight is also manageable. You can easily compose an alternate route string and insert it in the existing flight plan. The new route tracks, distances, times and fuel consumptions are automatically recalculated.

Electronic Signature
and Cloud Sync

Flight reporting is completed and signed electronically within the app. All data and documentation are collected and synchronised with the cloud system for further data export to third party systems, or as PDF for documentation.

With the cloud back-end and API options data storage, data safety and data mining are made easy, and will make you easily forget the cumbersome paper workflow.

"When we showed our pilots how the TAILLOG EFB System worked,
all their scepticism was gone."
Hyperion Aviation


Connecting the dots

and elevate

TAILLOG gives you vast possibilities to integrate with the third-party systems you already use.

By using TAILLOG as integration platorm for third-party EFB tools and ground

operations system, you extend the functionality and incorporate more EFB

features in your own suite.

TAILLOG is prepared for integration and open for interfacing with any of

your operation’s third-party system. Thus, TAILLOG embraces and connects

your existing pool of systems.


Collecting the sources

Digital Root

Our users: Based on our worldwide experience and ingenuity, we strive to simplify flight operations for the most important people in the world.

We make mobile solutions for aviation that optimise the daily flight operations and release resources for aviation professionals
- both in-air and on-ground.

With our minds set on usability, performance and stability, we aim to provide the best aviation IT solution of tomorrow

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“The TAILLOG EFB is helping us growing our Aviation Business.”
Clement Dubois, EFB Manager

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